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From the eDesk of James Brown
Thursday Morning - Tokyo, Japan

Dear Fellow Consultant,

Finding clients, especially high-end clients is TOUGH! And it can be just as tough for new consultants to break-through and get their first client. If you're struggling, and not in the position you want to be, not working with the clients you want, and you think you've tried everything you can to get clients and are STILL scratching your head, this short letter will open your eyes to a massive opportunity!

You may have heard about It's become quite popular now. This has been one of the 'secret resources' I've been using to get high-end clients coming to meet and listen to me. They actually pay to come and meet me!

I actually started using 'before it was cool'... since around 2009, in which time I've hosted dozens of meet ups that became my 'foot in the door' to signing large and small consulting deals with serious clients.

So if you're tired of scratching your head and worrying about getting clients, and would like to know exactly how I do can land new clients from almost every meet up you run, stay on this page!

"The Little Guy Can Succeed!"

Worried that you'll never land the big clients or even get your first decent deal?

Look, I completely understand what you are going through. I've been where you are before.. struggling and scrambling to find clients... wondering where on earth I'll find the money to pay the bills at the end of the month.

Competition is tough. New consultants are popping up, and old client-finding techniques don't seem to work like they used to.

I know many young and talented, hard working consultants... who really want to succeed, but struggle to get the ball rolling, simply because they can't seem to find their 'break'.

And if you're here reading this letter, then you probably fall into this category.

I too was desperate to find clients - and have been on the verge of giving up many times - thinking it's all just a big waste of time.

However, you shouldn't give up. I didn't and now I'm earning an easy 6 figures (closer to 7 figures actually).

I run my consulting and coaching business with clients from all over the globe. I was recently in the USA, Australia, UK, Thailand and Singapore. I'm based in Japan where I have a handful of clients too.

But my big secret is staying ahead of the curve by finding new and untapped avenues to spread word of my business and build a community of like-minded friends... or a "network", you could say. is one of these 'untapped' avenues I discovered to be an absolute Goldmine for attracting the clients I want to meet and do business with. It can be that for you too...You can become an 'instant authority' and find clients in your neighbor hood who want your services quickly and easily!

You Can Meet & Sign Business Owners Who Are Desperate For Your Services Are Right Under Your Nose - And I'll Prove It To You!

I only discovered around 2009 - but I had been organizing and running my own local "meet ups" before ever came around. I've run events in Japan, Australia, USA, Thailand, Singapore and others since 1998.

Meeting people (your prospective clients) in a semi-casual setting is a powerful strategy, whether you use or not, but since has appeared, it makes it a whole lot easier and the opportunities are far greater for ANYONE to succeed when they use it the right way.

Here are a few Meetups and local events I've held in the past couple of years.

Tokyo Meetup with guest Speaker Spike Humer

Tokyo Meetup with guest Speaker Max Hodges (right) from

Myself with Spike and a few Meetup group members

The thing I love about using is that I can get clients, expand my network, establish myself as the local authority and have fun at the same time.

It actually never feels like work whenever I hold a meetup event - and considering how effective it is, EVERY consultant anyone in business should be attending or running their own Meet ups!

Whether you're a consultant, freelancer, service provider or network marketer wanting more leads and clients - this is the easiest and one of the most effective client generating strategies  that is working right now!

With competition so fierce and growing stronger every day, you must be one step ahead of your competitors to stay in business.

Thankfully, this is how you can do it.

"Here's How You Too Can Leave Your Competitors In Your Dust & Have Clients Running Up & Begging You To Work With Them, All Through Using Local Meet Ups"

I want to share with you exactly how I've been organizing and running my meet ups to help you get clients and finally enjoy the success you've been searching for for so long.

This is working for me now and it will for you!

In the past 24 months, just by running Meetups in my local area, I've pulled in over $200k in consulting deals and other work.

Usually, when I find something this effective, I keep it to myself, but the reality is - you're not going to be stealing my clients or becoming more competition for me (unless we're in the same city or district).

It will work anywhere you live - anywhere in the world. The strategy I've uncovered works for everyone, everywhere.

I reveal it all inside my latest ebook release...

"Meet and Profit"

In this new ebook, I reveal the exact method I'm using to leverage to become an instant authority in my local area and in cities around the world and pull 5 and 6 figure consulting gigs almost like clockwork.

You'll be shocked too when you see how you can easily use my methods to attract leads, and turn them into paying clients as well.

Following the steps and examples I show you inside this resource, you will have the knowledge and resources to get instant "rock star" status and solidify yourself as the 'go-to' consultant.

Business owners will literally line up to meet you and give you money. They'll want to work with you, and only you.

Even if you're a complete no-body, using Meetup and my strategies which I reveal in this guide, you'll be able to get set up fast for fast results, leaving your competitors in your dust! + My Real-Life Proven Strategies = The Formula For Clients Knocking Down Your Door!

Look, anyone can sign up to tomorrow and start a group there but that alone does not guarantee you'll have clients knocking down your door.

It's easy to screw up, which is what I'm seeing a lot of Meetup organizers doing with their groups. So before you go and run off to start a Meet Up group, read the rest of this page.. because most people have no idea of what to do, and doing it wrong can be very costly!

You only get one chance with potential clients, so it's vital you know what you're doing!

If you want to succeed using Meetup, then you've got to have structure and a plan if you want high paying clients (or any clients) to hire you.

It's things like this that separate the broke struggling consultants from the successful.

I don't want you to be like 99% of the people who sign up to Meetup and waste their membership fee because they don't know what they're doing.

Meet ups are an absolute goldmine when you know how to use it right..

And you're about to find out exactly how run meet ups for maximum profit, leverage and growth of your consulting business, when you download my Meet and Profit eBook and bonuses!

Inside my guide, you're going to discover:

1. How to set your group up so Meetup does most of the 'hard' work — members will flock to your group when you do it this way!

2. The 3 biggest mistakes you must avoid at all costs before you even signup for a Meet up account.

3. How to get to find and add members to your group for you.

4. How to avoid paying the membership fee yourself -this method can be totally free, if you do this.

5. How to get all of your events totally paid for - they can be as swanky as you want them to be, with this method.

6. A simple little trick before your meetup to instantly position yourself as THE go-to guy no matter what your experience level.

7. How to guarantee people to show up to your Meetup group and see you as an instant authority.

8. How to generate real business, sales and paying clients from your very first Meetup.

9. How to take over an already established group and be welcomed with open arms (and open checkbooks).

10. How to use Meetup to build your email list and make sales online.

11. Exactly how to get people to happily refer you to others — hands off.

12. My exact strategy to ensure you earn more and more with every Meet up you run.

And a lot, lot more...

Honestly, if you're doing Meet ups already, I guarantee you're leaving money on the table without knowing all the tricks and strategies I use, which are revealed in this book.

If you're brand new to, this is the perfect resource for you to get started and taking advantage of this massive opportunity to grow your business.

My guide shows you how to run Meet ups for fun and profit. If you're doing it any other way, you're going to be wasting your time and your guests time.. potentially ruining your reputation before you even get started.

Even If You're Not A Consultant, If You Need Leads And Clients Use My Meet Up Secrets To Grow Your Business Like Nothing Else!

My main business is doing consulting for local offline businesses and online businesses as well, so I've developed my strategies towards helping consultants find new clients and maximizing their return on their time and investment in running these meetups.

But the truth is, these same strategies that I reveal can be applied to virtually any business!

Let's take a closer look shall we...

Every business needs customers and clients.

And every successful "entrepreneurial-minded" business owner will tell you one of the biggest secrets to success is growing your network.

Business is personal.. and what better way to grow your network, become a leader with authority and build a following in your industry by holding successful local live events where you get to personally meet and mingle with like-minded people?

It's possible thank to - and when combined with my strategies, you've got a formula for success.

This will get your name out there. This will turn you from a "no-body" to a "some-body".

No matter if you're just starting out or you're a consulting tycoon, there is no other method as easy as this to get your name on the map - and ramp up business (get more clients).

I'm Not The Only One Vouching For The Power Of

Highly successful author and consultant Michael Port also gives a thumbs up for being a highly effective offline marketing and client-getting resource!

He and I aren't the only ones who understand the power of using Meet ups.

It's catching on quick....

So You Have To Be Quick & Jump On Board Before Your Competitors Do!

Like most methods that generate staggering results... word quickly gets out about 'a good thing' and people catch on (i.e. your competitors)... and you know what that means.

That's why the best time to be using my Meet And Profit formula is now - before your competitors do.

It's only a matter of time before Meetup really takes off and your local area becomes saturated.

So if you want an edge and make your mark before your competitors, you have to act now, before this spreads.

We're riding the first wave of this unique and still relatively 'underground' new marketing concept. It is going to be an absolute game-changer for you when you apply my formula in your local area, because as with most things in this business, those who act fastest benefit the most.

Will you be one of the first to reach out and grab this opportunity?

If you don't, then you're really missing out on one of the easiest methods to available to you.

Seriously, focus on this and nothing else by way of advertising and you can gather a client base that pay you enough to live a very comfortable life.

I've Included Everything You Need To Get Started Meeting And Profiting By Next Week:

My extensive "Meet And Profit" PDF guide book.

A 49 page guide revealing my formula in detail, for leveraging for building instant authority and attracting loyal, high-paying clients.

Inside you'll discover the same tactics and strategies I've used to generate over $200,000 in revenue over the past 24 months.

Plus These BONUS Checklists & Cheat Sheets:

Bonus 1 - "Goal Setting Cheat Sheet"

Bonus 2 - "Meetup Event Ideas Cheat Sheet"

Bonus 3 - "Planning Your Meetup Workbook"

Bonus 4 - "Promoting Your MeetUp Cheat Sheet"

Bonus 5 - "Presentation Tips Check List"

Just Follow The Steps To Start Your Own Profitable Meet Up Group... And Never Struggle To Find New & High-Paying Clients Again!

You're getting my complete methodology you can download today and run with to set up your own successful meetup group and start attracting clients to your business by next weekend!

Heck, even if you don't have a business right now - you can use this strategy and guidelines to start one from scratch. The opportunities that can arise from doing this are staggering.

Here's what you need to do next....

Purchase your copy below and download the main guides and bonus resources. Go through the material tonight and tomorrow and you'll have all the information to get set up the right way, for massive results.

How Much Is It?

I wanted to charge around $500 for this information because it truly has generated me multiple 6-figure deals.

Plus, I've invested a lot of my time and money refining this formula from the ground up over the years. I did make a lot of costly mistakes along the way, and now you don't have to make the same ones.

You can just follow the very actionable steps as I lay them out, with no confusion the first time and get it right.

But instead of charging an arm and a leg for this information, you'll be happy to know that I've priced it stupidly low...

I'll probably be doubling or tripling the price in the future, but for a limited time, I'm practically giving away the whole system for just $47!

This is a drop in the ocean when you consider the possibilities...

How much is a new client worth to you? Just ONE new client? $1000? $10,000?

Investing just $47 today may see you signing a new client for $1000.. heck even if you get just a $100 deal from your efforts you'd have made double you money back.

Would you complain with a 200% ROI?

"If My Meet And Profit Formula Doesn't Land You At Least $100 Worth Of New Business, I'll Give You $100 Out Of My Pocket!"

Still a little skeptical? Look, I know there are a lot of other marketers and consultants selling you their system, but I believe in MY method so much that I'm going to risk paying YOU $100 just to try it out.

This guarantee is conditional though. Simply purchase my package today and try it out for 30 days. If you follow the guide, run at least one Meetup and can show me proof of it, and you didn't make any new contacts or at least see potential to make $100, call me up and tell me my formula stinks and I'll send $100 straight into your PayPal. The other option is that I'll give you an hour phone consultation (worth $200) to help you get on the right track.

Of course this product is also backed by an un-conditional money-back guarantee. Buy it today and try it for 30 days. If at any time you don't think it's worth the small investment, don't like it, or for whatever reason, contact me and I'll send you a full refund.

Either way you have NOTHING to lose.

I'm betting you will knock it out of the park when you put my guide into action so I think my $100 is safe.. but if for some reason it completely back-fires. I'll swing you $100 to cover your time and troubles. That is better than risk-free.

I am absolutely confident you're going to love my Meetup And Profit formula. You're going to look back on this as the product that changed everything for the better.

So what are you waiting for? Like with most things in this business, those who act first, benefit the most. So act now!

Order Your Copy Now!

"Yes James! I Want To Learn Your Secrets To Profiting From Meet Ups Today!"

"YES! Please rush me to the download page so I can get instant access to your 49 page "Meet and Profit" eBook guide and discover your proven authority-boosting and client-getting formula using!

Also, I can't wait to download the 5 bonus cheat-sheets and checklists to help me plan and run successful meetup groups and events without making costly mistakes so many beginners make.

I understand I'm backed by your conditional 30-day 100% money-back guarantee.

That's why I'm hitting the order button right now, with ZERO risk and full excitement because this is exactly what I've been waiting for to help me succeed to pick up new clients for my business!"

Meet and Profit

Instant Access After Secure Checkout With Paypal
Tons Of Bonuses On The Thank you Page
100% No-Risk Guarantee!

To Your Success!

P.S. Over the last 20 years of running my own businesses and helping others with theirs, I've never come across an easier, faster or more cost effective way to attain new clients than this. It has literally changed mine and my students businesses. I guarantee this will change your business forever too! For a very limited time, you can get my whole system for a tiny one-time investment with zero risk. So take action now and get started today!

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